The seminar will introduce students to the initial concepts of planning and design of healthcare facilities. We will work with specific methodologies for the assessment of the hospital's built environment and review the current scientific evidence correlating the design of healthcare facilities and patient outcomes (Evidence-Based Design). The seminar will use floor plans from existing hospitals as case studies (Afghanistan, Haiti, among others), where students will have to deal with the real constraints of working with architectural projects in resource-limited settings and emergency contexts. For the conclusion of the seminar, students will have to provide informed design proposals to improve the case studies' (hospitals) overall functionality as well as to develop a design project to increase the surgical capacity of the hospital considering a war/emergency scenario. For this semester, we will use as a case study a hospital in Tajikistan.

The seminar is a cooperation between EPOS Health Management and TU BS IKE.

The seminar will be held in English.

The seminar will be held by Guilherme COELHO, Architect and Senior Consultant for Healthcare Infrastructure.


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